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Start your campervan hire in Brisbane, the rest is up to you…

Brisbane is the perfect starting location for any explorers wishing to embark on an adventure in luscious southern QLD. This city is the capital of Queensland, the tropical north-eastern state of Australia blessed with gorgeous warm weather and lush natural scenery unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

With a population of 2.1 million it is the third largest city in Australia and one of the most popular cities for picking and dropping off campervans. There are loads different campervan and motorhome rental companies with depots in Brisbane and the road system for getting in and out of the city is quite streamlined – after all, who likes sitting in traffic for hours when you could be exploring? The most popular routes for campervan and motorhome travel out of Brisbane is north to Cairns or south to Sydney and on to Melbourne.

The country really is your oyster when you start your travels with Brisbane campervan hire, as it allows you to go wherever, whenever you want. It’s the ultimate way to experience the world around you.

When booking, please keep in mind that motorhome and campervan rental company depots are spread out over a large area of Brisbane and some can take quite some time to get to. Planning ahead is a must on pick up day.

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List Of All Campervan Hire Companies In Brisbane...

Apollo Campervans Australia 10 locations

3.2  OK  66

Australian 4WD Hire 10 locations

4.5  Excellent  31

Autosleepers 6 locations

3.3  OK  2

Awesome Campers 5 locations

3.2  OK  8

Barefoot Camper Hire 5 locations

3.8  Good

Big Sky Campers 5 locations

3.8  Good

Britz Campervans Australia 10 locations

4.0  Good  37

Calypso Campervans 6 locations

2.7  OK  3

Camperman Australia 8 locations

3.6  Good  28

Campervan Village 8 locations

3.5  Good 

Cheapa Campa Australia 9 locations

3.3  OK  28

Comet Campervans Australia 6 locations

3.0  OK  1

Cosy Campers 1 locations

4.0  Excellent

Cruisin Motorhomes 5 locations

3.6  Good  24

Driveabout Campers 6 locations

3.0  OK  2

Energi Motorhomes 11 locations

3.1  OK  2

Hippie Campers Australia 5 locations

3.4  OK  27

Jucy Australia 7 locations

3.4  OK  15

Kangaroo Campervans 5 locations

4.5  Superb  4

Let's Go Motorhomes 10 locations

4.1  Excellent  8

Maui Australia 10 locations

3.9  Good  24

Mighty Campers Australia 8 locations

3.0  OK  10

No Worries Travel 9 locations

5.0  Superb  1

Real Value Campervans Australia 9 locations

4.3  Excellent  6

Rouge Rentals 8 locations

4.0  Excellent

Spaceships Rentals Australia 4 locations

3.3  OK  27

Star RV Australia 4 locations

3.8  Good  5

Sunshine Campervan Hire 3 locations

4.0  Excellent

Totally Campers 5 locations

3.0  OK  2

Travel Car Centre 7 locations

3.5  Good

Travel Wheels 4 locations

3.8  Good

Travellers Autobarn Australia 6 locations

3.8  Good  7

Wicked Campers Australia 13 locations

1.5  Poor  17

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