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Looking for Campervans in Sydney? We review 35 local campervan hire agencies.

Hire Your Campervan from one of Sydney’s Most Trusted Rental Companies

We know ALL the Sydney campervan hire companies, we're from Sydney! Compare  the Sydney campervan hire company prices, read reviews, rate and book from a list of all campervan rental companies in Sydney.  

Don't know much about the layout of Sydney? Scroll down to THE MAP at the bottom and have a look around.

New South Wales: A State Unlike Any Other

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, and the most visited city in Australia. With a population of around 5 Million it is the largest city in the country and the most popular city for picking and dropping off campervans. There are more campervan and motorhome rental branches in Sydney than in any other city, making it the city with the most choice in the country. The roads in Sydney are generally in great condition but "rush hour" tends to last about 3 hours in the morning and again in the evening. If you are planning on on driving into or out of the city during these times, expect long delays.

Motorhome and campervan rental company depots are spread out over a large area of Sydney and some can take quite some time to get to so plan ahead ahead on pick up day.

If you would like to find out more about our campervan rental service, simply give our team a call on 02 8098 7845 or fill in an enquiry form on our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require.

What We Provide

We have a plethora of partners that provide campervan hire for those looking to experience the amazing cultural and natural beauty of Sydney and New South Wales. See some of the world’s most famous beaches at Bondi and Byron Bay, hike through the awe-inspiring Blue Mountains and enjoy some of the fine food and wine of the Hunter Valley when you rent a motorhome through one of Australia’s most trusted price comparison sites.

Hit the Road is constantly receiving amazing reviews from our list of happy clients who say taking one of our partner’s campervans throughout New South Wales was one of the most amazing travel experiences they have ever had. This partly comes down to the fact we provide access to some of the most diverse and accommodating fleets available and we are constantly working to update our listings with companies that provide the newest makes and models of motorhome.

When you hire a campervan through Hit the Road, you too will want to use our service time and time again. The agencies we list ensure you get to see each and every aspect of this most impressive of regions, and you always have the comfort of accommodation right there and waiting for you at the end of a day’s exploring.

List Of All Campervan Hire Companies In Sydney...

Apollo Campervans Australia 10 locations

3.0  OK  96

Autosleepers 6 locations

2.7  OK  9

Awesome Campers 8 locations

2.6  OK  13

Barefoot Camper Hire 5 locations

3.8  Good

Bear Rentals 3 locations

3.8  Good  16

Boomerang Campers 8 locations

4.6  Superb  5

Britz Campervans Australia 10 locations

3.8  Good  45

Calypso Campervans 6 locations

2.7  OK  3

Camperman Australia 8 locations

3.3  OK  39

Campervan Village 12 locations

1.7  Poor  9

Cheapa Campa Australia 9 locations

3.4  OK  29

Cruisin' Motorhomes 5 locations

3.3  OK  51

Driveabout Campers 6 locations

3.0  OK  2

Escape Rentals 1 locations

3.5  Good

Frontline Camper 1 locations

3.8  Good

Go Cheap Motorhomes 5 locations

2.9  OK  9

Hippie Campers Australia 5 locations

3.2  OK  31

Jucy Australia 7 locations

3.1  OK  29

Kangaroo Campervans 4 locations

4.1  Excellent  6

Let's Go Motorhomes 10 locations

3.8  Good  18

Lucky Rentals Australia 5 locations

2.4  OK  17

Manly Car and Truck Rentals 1 locations

1.0  Poor  1

Maui Australia 10 locations

3.9  Good  25

Mighty Campers Australia 9 locations

3.1  OK  14

No Worries Travel 9 locations

5.0  Superb  1

Northern Beaches Motorhome Rentals 1 locations

3.8  Good

Rouge Rentals 8 locations

3.8  Good

Spaceships Rentals Australia 5 locations

3.2  OK  38

Star RV Australia 4 locations

3.8  Good  5

Totally Campers 5 locations

3.0  OK  2

Travel Car Centre 7 locations

2.5  OK  1

Travel Wheels 4 locations

4.0  Excellent

Travellers Autobarn Australia 6 locations

3.9  Good  8

Wicked Campers Australia 14 locations

1.4  Poor  26

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